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Dog Friendly Accomodations!

Dog Friendly Restaurants!

Dog Friendly in Destin!

  • 9/16-When you sniff butts, you learn a lot. As most people and dogs know, I get around and when I do, I hear a lot of what dogs are thinking and want. One thing I know for sure is that a dogs feelings get hurt when they are always left at home when their parents go on vacation or out to eat.

    So...I am going to start a new segment called "Dog Friendly in Destin". My daddy is going to start the same thing on, but on a national level. The new site is looking really good, by the way.

    You will begin to see "Dog Friendly" and "Not Dog Friendly" listings on my site, beginning with my favorite restaurant called Hammerhead's. I'm going there tonight to have a Porterhouse steak. I recommend that you support the businesses that are on my Dog Friendly list, even when you don't have your dog with you. Be sure to let dog friendly businesses know that you support them.